Elevate Your Chiropractic Practice:

Chiropractic Assistant Training

Convert your chiropractic clinic into a powerhouse of efficiency, empathy, and engagement with our exclusive training designed specifically for Chiropractic Assistants. Leveraging the innovative principles of Brain-centric Design (BcD), this unique program is meticulously crafted to enhance your team's skills in creating psychologically safe environments, affirmatively addressing patient and team member needs, and organizing workflow with purpose. The more that you're freed up to what you alone can do (Be present and grounded to serve chiropractic care to your PMs.), the more your practice will grow AND you will enjoy the experience of being a business owner.

Why Enroll Your Chiropractic Assistants?


Psychological Safety:

Promote a thriving clinic culture where team members feel secure, valued, and motivated to contribute. Our training helps staff create an atmosphere that enhances internal teamwork and makes patients feel genuinely cared for and eager to return.

Master Affirmative Communication:

Master Affirmative Communication: Equip your team with the skills to say "YES" in ways that resonate with both potential and established patients. Learn how to meet and exceed expectations, ensuring every patient interaction is positive, productive, and nurturing.

Streamline Workflow with Strategic Communication:

Shift your practice's workflow from routine to remarkable by focusing on communications that have meaningful consequences. We'll show your team how to prioritize their daily tasks effectively, making every minute and every interaction count.

What's Included?

This dynamic two-day Zoom training is divided into engaging, actionable sessions where your staff will participate in:

Interactive role-playing to simulate real-life scenarios.

  • Knowing WHAT to do is not the same as knowing HOW to do it...WELL!!! Let us help you move your CAs into the excellence lane. You're super busy serving your practice members, as you absolutely should. We get that it's challenging to also fit into your hectic schedule training your CAs. That's why we're offering this invaluable training opportunity.

Group discussions to foster collaboration and idea exchange.

  • CAs love sharing their ideas and strategies with one another. It's an encouraging and expansive exercise. Your CAs will return to their role feeling confident and enthusiastic to implement new stuff on their terms, which means no more micro managing by you. WHEW...hello freedom!

Practical workshops to everyday challenges in your clinic.

  • 80% of people report that they're affected by brain health issues. Empowering your team to serve in a brain centric way puts you WAY ahead of your competition. They will all eventually learn-culture will demand it. We're simply paving the way for YOU and your team to be named as the brain-health trailblazer in your community.

Take the First Step to a Superior Chiropractic Experience

Don't miss the opportunity to advance your practice. Register your Chiropractic Assistants for our training today and watch as they become key players in transforming your clinic's environment and practice member interactions.

Encourage your colleagues to join, and let's raise the standard of chiropractic care. TOGETHER we'll raise the standard of chiropractic care, forever changing the public's perception of and understanding of chiropractic. We're in this game called LIFE and we're in it to WIN it...TOGETHER!

Act Now!

Spots are limited to ensure a personalized learning experience for each participant. Grab seats for your team now and start your journey towards a more efficient, empathetic, and engaging chiropractic practice that is drenched in high retention, profits, and impact.

June 13th & 14th, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM PDT


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